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The Bible, The Quran and Science -
The Holy Scriptures Examined In The Light Of Modern Knowledge
by Dr. Maurice Bucaille
Click on Image to Download BookThe Bible, The Quran and Science-<br>The Holy Scriptures Examined In The Light Of Modern Knowledge<br>by Dr. Maurice BucailleThe Bible, The Quran and Science- The Holy Scriptures Examined In The Light Of Modern Knowledge by Dr. Maurice Bucaille 

In his objective study of the texts, Maurice Bucaille clears  away many preconceived ideas about the Old Testament, the Gospels and  the Qur'an. He tries, in this collection of Writings, to separate what  belongs to Revelation from what is the product of error or human  interpretation. His study sheds new light on the Holy Scriptures. At the  end of a gripping account, he places the Believer before a point of  cardinal importance: the continuity of a Revelation emanating from the  same God, with modes of expression that differ in the course of time. It  leads us to meditate upon those factors which, in our day, should  spiritually unite rather than divide-Jews, Christians and Muslims. As a surgeon, Maurice Bucaille has often been in a situation where he  was able to examine not only people's bodies, but their souls. This is  how he was struck by the existence of Muslim piety and by aspects of  Islam which remain unknown to the vast majority of non-Muslims. In his  search for explanations which are otherwise difficult to obtain, he  learnt Arabic and studied the Qur'an. In it, he was surprised to find  statements on natural phenomena whose meaning can only be understood  through modern scientific knowledge.

The Quran and Modern Science Compatible or Incompatible-
Compatible or Incompatible-
by Dr.Zakir Naik
    Click on Image to Download BookThe Quran and Modern Science Compatible or Incompatible? by Dr.Zakir NaikThe Quran and Modern Science Compatible or Incompatible? by Dr.Zakir Naik 

Ever since the dawn of human life on this planet, Man has  always sought to understand Nature, his own place in the scheme of  Creation and the purpose of Life itself. In this quest for Truth,  spanning many centuries and diverse civilizations, organized religion  has shaped human life and determined to a large extent, the course of  history. While some religions have been based on books, claimed by their  adherents to be divinely inspired, others have relied solely on human  experience. Al-Qur'an, the main source of the Islamic faith, is a book  believed by Muslims, to be of completely Divine origin. Muslims also  believe that it contains Divine guidance for all humankind. Since the  message of the Qur'an is believed to be for all times, it should be  relevant to every age. Does the Qur'an pass this test?

The Amazing Quran
by Dr.Gary Miller
  Click on Image to Download BookThe Amazing Quran by Dr.Gary MillerThe Amazing Quran by Dr.Gary Miller   

" Seeing as back fourteen centuries ago people probably did  not understand much about time zones, the Qur'an's statements about this  subject are considerably surprising. The concept that one family is  having breakfast as the sun comes up while another family is enjoying  the brisk night air is truly something to be marveled at, even in modern  time. Indeed, fourteen centuries ago, a man could not travel more than  thirty miles in one day, and thus it took him literally months to travel  from India to Morocco, for example. And probably, when he was having  supper in Morocco, he thought to himself, "Back home in India they are  having supper right now." This is because he did not realize that, in  the process of traveling, he moved across a time zone. Yet, because it  is the words of Allah, the All-Knowing, the Qur'an recognizes and  acknowledges such a phenomenon. In an interesting verse it states that  when history comes to an end and the Day of Judgement arrives, it will  all occur in an instant; and this very instant will catch some people in  the daytime and some people at night. This clearly illustrates Allah's  divine wisdom and His previous knowledge of the existence of time zones,  even though such a discovery was non-existent back fourteen centuries  ago. Certainly, this phenomenon is not something which is obvious to  one's eyes or a result of one's experience, and this fact, in itself,  suffices as proof of the Qur'an's authenticity...."

Atlas of the Quran
by Dr. Shawqi Abu Khalil
An Authentic Collection of the Qur'anic Information with Maps, Tables  and Pictures This Atlas is new in its subject, a subject that has not  been touched before. It helps whoever recites the Qur'an or studies it  to specify the locations mentioned by the Noble Verses, and to mark  those places of ancient people mentioned in the Qur'Gn. This is besides  locating areas where the incidents of the prophetic Seerah occurred.  Eventually the diligent reader will easily recognize those places, learn  about them, and take heed of them while reciting. 


Tafsir Ibn Kathir
by Ibn Kathir
Tafsir Ibn Kathir 

Tafsir Ibn Kathir is one of the Most Comprehensive and  Complete Explaination of The Noble Quran. Translated in to the English  language for the First time in the History of Islam! Translated and  abridged by a group of scholars under the supervision of Sheikh  Safiur-Rahman Al-Mubarakpuri. The Qur'an is the revelation of Allah's  Own Words for the guidance of His creatures. Since the Qur'an is the  primary source of Islamic teachings, the correct understanding for the  Qur'an is necessary for every Muslim. The Tafsir of Ibn Kathir is the  most renowned and accepted explanation of the Qur'an in the entire  world. In it one finds the best presentation of Hadiths, history, and  scholarly commentary.

Usool At-Tafseer
by Dr. Bilal Philips (Abu Aminah)
  Usool at-Tafseer 
By Abu Ameena Bilal Philips. An Excellent Gift to Students of  Islamic Sciences Literally translated 'The Fundamental Principles of  Qur'aanic Interpretation,' this book refers to the branches of knowledge  which are necessary to provide an accurate interpretation of the  Qur'anic texts, such as Arabic grammar and syntax, Arabic literature and  Qur'anic sciences ('uloom al-Qur'aan). Addressed topics include the  Tafseer of the Qur'an, books of tafseer, translations of the Qur'an,  Wahy ('divine revelation'), reasons for revelation, the differences  between Makkan and Madinan revelations, Naskh, the Muhkam and  Mutashaabih, and more.

In the Shade of the Qur'an
Syed Qutb
In The Shade Of The Qur'an is more than 'just another'  commentary; yet it is not too over-reaching or outlandish to be a  completely new interpretation. It is an earnest, sincere and sober look  at man's contemporary achievements and difficulties in the light of the  message of the Qur'an. It is an effort to vigorously explore its rich  wisdom, and expand its invaluable guidance for the benefit of an  increasingly 'sophisticated' , yet highly perplexed modern society.

The Excellent Qualities of the Holy Quran
by Sheikh Muhammed bin Adbul Wahhab
Rendered into English by Muhammed Iqbal Siddique
Foreword from book
' This is an English version of the book entitled Fada  il-e-Qur'an originally written in Arabic by the Imam Muhammad bin 'Abdul  Wahb, an eminent Muslim Scholar, and translated into Urdu by Maulana  Mahmud Ahmad Ghazanfar, Mab'uth, Dar al-Ifta, Government of Saudi  Arabia. Strictly speaking it is not a literal rendering of the original;  rather it is the presentation of the meaning of the original in easy  English language; in presenting the meaning, however, an attempt has  been made to be very close to the original. All footnotes are added by  the Translator to clarify difficult phrases and words, and to provide  the reader with more relevant information. It is hoped that this small  book will be of great help to the Englishknowing reader in his  understanding of the Holy Qur'an. I must record my sincere thanks to  Maulana Ghazanfar for carefully going through the manuscript and making  valuable suggestions for improving the rendering. May Allah accept this  humble effort of a worker who is neither a well versed Scholar nor a  reputed Writer, and forgive him for the mistakes and shortcomings due to  his ignorance and lack of knowledge.
Muhammad Iqbal Siddiqi.'

An Index to the Qur'aan
The Index of the Quran is intended to make the Holy Book  approachable to the reader. In this meticulous and painstaking effort,  the author has attempted to put together verses in the qquran dealing  with one subject together in one place in a particular sequence.


100 Fabricated Hadith
by Sheikh Faisal
The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) said: "He who tells a lie  on me intentionally, let him take his seat in the Hellfire" (Bukhari  Volume 1, No 107). Whenever a person quotes a fabricated hadith  knowingly, he or she is guilty of lying on the Holy Prophet Muhammad  (peace be upon him). Fabricated ahadith stunt the spiritual growth of  the Muslim Ummah. This book is a compilation and refutation of one  hundred of the most famous and lethal fabricated ahadith in the Muslim  world today.

110 Hadith Qudsi
by Masood-ul-Hasan
Ahadith are the sayings, deeds and approvals of the Prophet (S)  under Divine guidance and are generally traced back to the Prophet (S)  as regards to their authority. But some Ahadith hold a distinct place  and are termed as Ahadith Qudsi (Sacred Ahadith) and the authority in  these Ahadith is attributed to Allah through the Prophet (S). It is a  collection of 110 such Ahadith relating to the important aspects of  daily life so that the readers may get benefited from it for the success  in this life as well as in the Hereafter.


Stories of the Prophets
Ibn Kathir
  Stories of the Prophets 
Stories always fascinate everyone. When they are true stories of  the Prophets and Messengers of Allah, the interest grows many times.  This Book “Stories of the Prophets” is the English translation of the  famous book Qasasul Ambiya, originally written in Arabic by one of the  most renowned Islamic scholars Imam Imaduddin Abul-Fida Ismail Ibn  Kathir (Ibn Kathir). All the material collected by him is from the most  authentic sources and the quotes as mentioned from The Holy Qur’an and  Ahadith. The book contains the true accounts of the pious lives (Seerah)  of the Prophets, their exemplary way of life, their sacrifices in the  name of Allah, their proclamation for the Message of Allah and inducing  the people to follow the right path and forbidding the evil things.

Book of the End - Great Trials & Tribulations
by Ibn Kathir
Like everything, the present universe will also come to an end,  and it is a part of our faith to believe in the Last Day. The signs of  the Day of Judgment have been foretold by our Prophet (S). Ibn Kathir  has collected all the prophesies of the Prophet (S) in his book  Al-Bidaayah wan-Nihaayah. In this volume, we have presented from them  the signs of the Hour and the events that are yet to take place,  although mentioning very few examples of those prophesies that have  already been realized.

Don't Be Sad
Aaidh ibn Abdullah al-Qarn
At a time in which the Muslims are beset with trials from every  periphery and within, comes this heartening book rooted in the  commandments of Allah (swt), the Sunnah and the excellent guidance and  examples of the Muslims that have come before us. Don't Be Sad is an  absolute must-read for all people. It is full of practical advice on how  to replace sadness with a pragmatic and ultimately satisfying Islamic  outlook on life. It exposes to the modern reader how Islam teaches us to  deal with the tests and tribulations of this world. So, take heart and  hold firmly onto the rope of Allah (swt).

Healing with the Medicine of the Prophet
Imam Ibn Qayyim Al-Jawziyah
From the back cover:
"Healing with the Medicine of the Prophet (pbuh) is the panacea  for those in search of good health. It is a magnificent work that is a  treasure for every Muslim household. Although it was written by the  author, Ibn Al-Qayyim, over six hundred and fifty years ago, it is an  extremely timely work for our generation in which health and natural  health care products have become an important aspect of the lives of so  many. The author presents the guidance of the Prophet (pbuh) in dealing  with a variety of health issues, including treatment of ailments and  preventive remedies to keep the body fit. As the Qur'an and Sunnah  (traditions of Muhammad (pbuh)) are the main sources of the Islamic  lifestyle, it only stands to reason that they should likewise be  referred to in the matters of health and fitness. This is the approach  taken by Ibn Al-Qayyim as he presents Verses of the Qur'an, and  statements of the Prophet (pbuh) as his main reference in these issues  of health and medicines. The final chapters of this work include an  extremely beneficial glossary of remedies, herbs, foods and other  natural substances that aid in the journey towards better health.  Healing with the Medicine of the Prophet (pbuh) is an invaluable  reference guide for the Muslims of every land and every generation. May  Allah bestow His mercy and blessings upon the author, Ibn Al-Qayyim, for  surely his work will be cherished throughout time."

Men and the Universe

Reflections of Ibn Al-Qayyem
This book was originally a section of Ibn Al-Qayyim's book  Miftaahu Daar is-Sa'aadah (Key to the Abode of Happiness). This section  was extracted from it due to its discussion of some of the Signs of  Allah in the human beings and the universe. Also, Ibn Al-Qayyim's book  was chosen due to its perceptive and meaningful wisdom. Another  outstanding characteristic of this book is that Ibn-Al-Qayyim calls for  the use of the intellect and self-introspection. He encourages the  reader to deeply think about the creation of Allah, the Most High -- in  the human being, existence, animals and nature. The complier, Capt. Anas  Abdul-Hameed Al-Qoz, supports the writing of Ibn Al-Qayyim by  mentioning modern scientific discoveries, useful notes and beneficial  pictures that help achieve the objective. Thus, this book is a  continuous and active call to all of mankind to look and reflect upon  the Signs of Allah if they want the truth and sincerely wish to follow  it.

Kitab At-Tauhid

Sheikh Muhammed bin Abul Wahhab
  Kitab at Twaheed 
Kitab At-Tauhid is one of the best books on the subject of  Tauhid (Monotheism) and ranks high in authenticity. In this book all the  relevant verses of the Qur'an have been discussed reasonably,  rationally, and sincerely. The essence of the Qur'an and Sunnah is  placed in a very simple manner in this book.